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How Does RewardBuddy Work?

RewardBuddy gives you access to great discounts with the most trusted and quality businesses in and around Melbourne

Be rewarded with discount coupons and points when you refer, review or purchase with a business or event listed on our platform. 

You can use your rewards via the RewardBuddy platform to redeem cash discounts with a participating listed business or event as well as our RewardBuddy partners.

refer & save

Refer a listed business, place or event to your friends with your unique link or code. You both earn discount rewards once your friend purchases.

review & earn

Once you have purchased from a listed RewardBuddy business or product, earn points for writing a review. We reward all reviews, positive or negative.

purchase & earn

Get rewarded for simply purchasing with a listed business or event. Earn points each time you purchase and redeem them to save on future purchases.

REDEem and save

Redeem your points for great savings with any business or event on RewardBuddy. Our points are of actual value and can be redeemed with any eligible partner business.

Save money with your
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Yes. Sign up for free to RewardBuddy and receive 50 points for signing up while you’re at it!

Join our growing community of users who are discovering trusted businesses, earning cash discounts for simple actions and saving 1000s of dollars while purchasing with their favourite businesses. Reward yourself with RewardBuddy!

When you refer someone to a listed RewardBuddy business or event they will receive a discount off their first purchase with them with your unique referral code. Once they successfully purchase, you will be rewarded with a discount coupon code to redeem with any listed RewardBuddy business or event. 

You will be rewarded with points for reviewing a service or product on RewardBuddy, once you have purchased with them on the site (and they have confirmed the purchase). Points will automatically be added to your account once the review has been confirmed. Each business will reward specific points for a review per product. 

You can earn points on the RewardBuddy platform in a number of ways. 

  1. By purchasing with any listed RewardBuddy business, product or event. Each service or product purchase will have a different number of reward points that you will earn on purchasing. Click here to see how many points you can earn when purchasing on RewardBuddy.
  2. Referring someone else to sign up to the RewardBuddy platform. Share your unique referral link with another and they will receive 50 points just for signing up. You will receive 50 points once they have signed up successfully. 
  3. Review a service or event. Write a review following your purchase and earn 50 points ($5 value) for doing it. 
  4. Refer a business you recommend to sign up to the platform. Have a business you love? Tell them about us and when they list on our platform you will receive 200 points!

You can use your points to redeem cash discounts with any listed service or product on RewardBuddy. Simply select a service or product from the business page on the site and proceed to pay with the business. Your points will be deducted once the business has confirmed the transaction. Please note that each listed business will allow a maximum number of points to redeem per purchase. The maximum amount you can redeem per purchase is 10% of the total purchase amount.

Yes. To redeem your points for cash discounts, each product or service will have a maximum amount of points you can redeem per purchase. This will be set by the business for each of their services or products. It is generally a maximum of 10% of the purchase price you can redeem with points eg. if service costs $1000, you can claim $100 worth of points to redeem. 

Yes, any points you accumulate will be eligible to redeem for cash discounts with any eligible partner RewardBuddy business. Each business can either choose to offer points to redeem/earn with them only or they can partner up with other businesses which allows you to spread your points amongst each of them eg. earn points at one, redeem them at another!

RewardBuddy allows people to seek recommendations for trusted services and products from the RewardBuddy community. You can seek a recommendation from a specific group (i.e. seek a tradie group) or from the general community of RewardBuddy users. Simply click on the menu item “Seek A Recommendation”, type in what you are looking for and start receiving recommendations from other users in no time. Users can share their referral code with you to receive a discount on your first purchase with the recommended business.

Join RewardBuddy today and reward yourself.

Earn $5 in points simply for signing up!