Reward your customers.
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83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer services they have used to others, yet only 29% actually do!

Incentivise your previous customers to refer others to your business and reward their loyalty with your own rewards program and see your business grow.

How Does It Work?
Your Rewards Program. Your Way.

Reward Referrals and Attract New Customers

Those who are referred to you are rewarded with a discount with your business on their first order. When they confirm the order on RewardBuddy, the referrer is sent a discount coupon reward to spend again with your business.

Reward Customer Reviews and Build Trust In Your Business

Research shows that customers are more likely to review you if you ask them and provide an incentive. Once you have confirmed an order on RewardBuddy, the customer can review your business on the platform and receive points for doing so.

Increase Customer Loyalty By Rewarding Purchases

Customers can earn points to redeem later when they submit an order for a purchase with you via RewardBuddy. Confirm orders on your mobile app with a simple click of a button. 

Why use RewardBuddy?

Get More Word of Mouth Referrals​

Generate more referrals to your business simply and effortlessly. 

83% of people are willing to refer services they have used to others, yet only 29% actually do!

Get Higher Quality Leads

Get higher quality leads that convert to paying customers.

Referred customers pay on average 4 times more than non referred customers.

Convert your referrals into customers

Turn referrals into customers by rewarding them with our easy, automated platform.

Increase Repeat Sales​

Get more sales today by rewarding your past customers.

Customers are 69% more likely to purchase with a business who have a loyalty program. In a Forrester report, loyalty program members on average spend $42.33 more with traditional retailers than shoppers not in a loyalty program.

Quality Customers At Minimal Cost

Attract new, quality customers to your business at a low monthly fee.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can have the peace of mind to trial us without any financial risk.

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FAQs For Businesses

Simply click “List My Business” in the top menu or click here to register your interest to list your business with RewardBuddy. Enter your details of your business in the registration process and we will be in contact with you to complete your registration and take you through the setup process. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your options or to answer any questions. 

Options start at one simple, low cost monthly subscription of $15 per month, which allows you to discover the platform and run your own automated rewards platform, as well as accessing a large community of RewardBuddy users. Because we believe so strongly in RewardBuddy, we offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all subscriptions. 

Click here to see all our pricing options. 

Being a listed business on RewardBuddy allows you to generate new customers and promotes repeat purchases for your business by rewarding customers for specific actions. By rewarding customers for referring others to your business and purchasing, RewardBuddy helps maximise your word of mouth referrals and creates more repeat business from loyal customers.

Whenever someone refers another person to purchase your service or product, they will be rewarded with a 10% coupon off their next purchase with you. The person who has been referred to you will also receive 10% off their first purchase with your business. You can add any additional rewards or offers on your listing when you need, whether it be referral rewards, special offers or store credit.

No. Customers are rewarded with points to use each time they refer someone to the RewardBuddy platform to sign up, purchase with your business on the site or write a review of your service/product after purchasing. They use these points to redeem as cash discounts when they next purchase via the RewardBuddy site or app.

You can encourage someone to refer another to your business in many ways. Simply asking them after they complete their purchase, sending them an email, calling them or even sharing your RewardBuddy business page on your social media pages.

A RewardBuddy team member will help guide you through some tips and suggestions on how to best do this in your free 30 minute discovery session when you register your business. 

Yes. You can cancel your business listing at any time. There are no locked in contracts with RewardBuddy. Simply contact the team at [email protected] to cancel your listing. 

Yes. You can set the limit on how many points a customer can redeem when purchasing a service or product from your business (only ESSENTIALS plan). The default limit is set at 10% of the total order.

This ensures customers are not redeeming the full purchase price and receiving your service for free.

How Much Does It Cost?

We charge a small monthly fee to allow you to list your business on RewardBuddy and run your own rewards and referral program. 

We offer a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL so you have the piece of mind to determine if RewardBuddy is a good fit for your business. 

We have a range of options for all types of businesses and you can cancel your membership plan at anytime.

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