Learn how to earn points and coupons, seek recommendations for great businesses and redeem great savings at your trusted, local businesses.

How Does RewardBuddy Work?

RewardBuddy allows you to earn both coupon codes and points to redeem when you refer a business, purchase with a business or review a business on the RewardBuddy platform. 

You can use these coupons and points to redeem cash discounts with any business on the site. It’s that simple!

How To Earn Rewards

RewardBuddy allows you to earn great rewards for performing simple actions such as referring someone to your favourite businesses. Earn coupons and points, both redeemable for great discounts on the site.

How To Refer Someone To A Business

Use your unique business link or coupon code to reward both yourself and those you refer once they successfully purchase.
You will have a link/code for each specific business and will be located in the "Rewards/Offers" section of each business page.

How To Redeem Rewards

With RewardBuddy, you can redeem your rewards for great cash discounts with trusted businesses recommended by your community.
Save $1 for every 10 points redeemed and get great deals on your favourite businesses and products.

How To Seek A Recommendation

In need of a business but not sure who to go with? Use the RewardBuddy community and seek recommendations for the business you need. Simply go to "My Community" and click on "Seek A Recommendation". Type in your request details and others from the community will respond with recommended businesses or products.
To get a recommendation from the community, click on the
My Community link in the menu.

How To Use The Community

The RewardBuddy Community is where people can share recommendations for businesses. Locate relevant groups to seek recommendations from those who have had experience with the business you require.
To go to your community, click on the My Community link in the menu.


Join The Club!


The amount of points you earn on RewardBuddy depends on the amount of the service you purchase.  

Spend $1 – $50 = Earn 5 points ($0.50 value)

Spend $51 – $100 = Earn 10 points ($1 value)

Spend $101 – $150 = Earn 20 points ($2 value)

Spend $151 – $200 = Earn 30 points ($3 value)

Spend $201 – $300 = Earn 75 points ($7.50 value)

Spend $301 – $500 = Earn 150 points ($15 value)

Spend >$501 = Earn 300 points ($30 value)


Redeem your points at a rate of 10points per $1 on future purchases.

earn great rewards SIMPLY!

To redeem your points, simply purchase any service or product on RewardBuddy and apply your points to your order at checkout. Your points will be rewarded once the business confirms the purchase.

Redeem $1 for every 10 points you apply at checkout and enjoy great savings with Australia’s most trusted businesses and products!

  • Refer others to your favourite businesses. Share your unique link or coupon code with others and receive a 10% off coupon code to use with any listed RewardBuddy business once they purchase from the referral. Your referral link is or click here to get your referral coupon code. 
  • Refer others to signup to RewardBuddy. Refer someone with your unique link and earn 50 points when they sign up! Your link to refer someone to sign up is 
  • Purchase any service or product on RewardBuddy and receive points for each purchase. 
  • Review any service or product on RewardBuddy once you have purchased and earn 50 points.
  • Refer any business to signup with RewardBuddy and earn 200 points!